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What We Provide Our Clients

Industry-Specific Recruitment

At HCR Permanent Search, our team of recruitment professionals has proven experience, extensive industry knowledge and far-reaching connections in the Manufacturing, Engineering and industrial sectors in Canada. When it comes to identifying and sourcing the best talent for our clients, we pride ourselves on being relentless, efficient and accurate.

When you work with us, you’ll realize the value of working with a search firm that knows, and is known in, your industry.¬†We know your competitors, your customers, and which companies have people with the skill sets to match your needs. Our professional relationships give us the ability to network and find elite candidates.

So whether you’re in the business of automotive parts, Food and Beverage, and CPG manufacturing, or EPCM, heavy construction, mining or natural resources, HCR Permanent Search will combine our depth of experience, industry knowledge and our vast resources to find the professionals with the ideal background, attitude and approach for your company.

Our Unique Processes

We put a premium on building and maintaining long-term relationships with our clients. And when we work with a candidate, we look at each individual not only in terms of what they can bring to your table today, but in terms of their potential development to be your leaders of tomorrow. To us, the complete fit is more important than just making a placement.

HCR Permanent Search’s 40-Step Recruitment Process combines strategic and proactive methodologies to generate the best results for identifying the talented and motivated candidates that will fit best into your organization.

Quality Solutions

We provide our clients with three flexible, powerful options that will give them the confidence of knowing they are hiring the right candidates.

Permanent Placement

When you want to hire a permanent employee, HCR Perm Search uses our knowledge of your company and the specific needs of a position to interview and assess each candidate before presenting you with a short list. We arrange interviews, share feedback, check references, negotiate salaries, and facilitate the entire placement process. Our goal is to provide you with the right person the first time and help that person become a part of your organization swiftly and seamlessly.


When you need specialized talent for short-term projects or a quick, flexible hiring option where you can terminate assignments at any time, HCR Perm Search can find you the expertise you need, for however long you need it. We establish the employee relationship and manage all administrative activities and costs (hiring, processing employment paperwork, payroll).


Our clients often choose this option when they need to hire someone for a niche position that may take more time to fill due to required special technical expertise or industry knowledge. We conduct our searches confidentially and within our client’s specified timeline and place extensive, dedicated resources to meet specific goals and timelines. We provide an extended guarantee, and executive candidates are presented to you on an exclusive basis.

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